ACOLYTES. Acolytes carry the cross and torches in processions, marking significant symbols and moments in our worship. Open to children and adults at the 9 & 11 am services.
CONTACT: 9am: Peter McClung, 215.313.1209 petercamfan@yahoo.com 11am: Ray Miller, 206.322.4376 ray_steve_1234@q.com

ALTAR GUILD. Altar guild members help prepare the community’s Eucharistic meal by setting up bread, wine, vessels, linens, and the altar table, assisting the presiding team during the service and caring for the vessels and linens following the service. Altar Guild members serve at the 8, 9 & 11 am services.
CONTACT: Walter Stuteville, 206.632.4258 wstuteville@comcast.net

BREAD BAKERS GUILD. A community of people that gather once a month to bake the bread for all of our Eucharistic services. Open to all ages. CONTACT: René Marceau, 206.453.3778 marceau_rene@comcast.net

CHALICE BEARERS. Chalice bearers offer the hospitality of God’s Table as they serve the wine during communion. Chalice bearers serve at 8, 9 & 11 am. Open to those 16 years or older.
CONTACT: Colleen Boyns, 205.525.2456 cmboyns@hotmail.com

COMPLINE GREETERS. People of the Saint Mark’s community are needed to welcome people to Compline services on Sunday evenings. Compline is the first entry for many members of our community. An ideal opportunity for couples to serve together!
CONTACT:Ray Miller, 206.322.4376 ray_steve_1234@q.com

Consecrated bread and wine are entrusted to lay Eucharistic visitors to be shared with sick or shut-in members of the community. Let us know if you would like Communion brought to you by leaving a message at 206.755.2076. To become trained as an EV, email Kevin.
CONTACT: Kevin Johnson, kevincjohnson@comcast.net

Lay readers from Seattle-area congregations including the Cathedral lead services of daily prayer following the “The Daily Office” tradition of The Book of Common Prayer every weekday evening at 6:30 pm.
CONTACT: Sue Tait, 206.325.4200 x 2043, dailyoffice@saintmarks.org

Arranging the flowers in our worship spaces is the work of volunteers who offer their talents to the flower ministry. Each week our ministers come to the cathedral to work with the flowers and greens that will become their creative response to the Creator’s gifts.
CONTACT: Molly Henderson, 206.283.6497 flowers@saintmarks.org

We’re here to say ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’ to newcomers, long timers and all who come through our doors on Sunday mornings before and after services. Teams serve once a month at one Sunday morning service.
CONTACT: John Selberg, 206.723.5315 JASelberg@aol.com

Intercessors lead the assembly’s prayers at all three services on Sundays and at other liturgies. Open to teenagers and adults.
CONTACT: Chris McPeak, christopher.mcpeak@theseattleschool.edu

Reading the lessons from scripture, lectors proclaim God’s word in our liturgies. Open to children and adults at all three services.
CONTACT: Chris McPeak, christopher.mcpeak@theseattleschool.edu

Lay Chaplains in Community volunteer to be present with other people of Saint Mark’s living in retirement/care facilities who may be limited in their mobility, during a time in their lives when they seek their faith connection in community. We journey alongside them, walking in faith. Lay Chaplains have completed Pastoral Caregiver Community of Hope training or some other pastoral care training.
CONTACTS: The Rev. Cristi Chapman, cchapman@saintmarks.org and Sandra Smith, sandrasmith.smith747@gmail.com

We staff the Welcome Table near the coffee urns after the 9:00 and 11:00 liturgies on Sunday. At the Welcome Table we offer information about what is going on at the Cathedral, sign-ups for activities and a friendly face to ask a question.
CONTACT: Nancy Valaas, 425.454.3550 amvalaas@aol.com

Ushers, working in teams, welcome, guide, and inform members of the congregation during Sunday and special services. Open to children
and adults at 9 & 11 am services.
CONTACT: 9am: Rick Wyckoff, 206.547.1760 or rick.wyckoff@gmail.com. 11am: Jeff Sackett, 206.226.3379 jeffsackett@yahoo.com

Vergers escort the choir in the opening procession, escort the gospel procession and escort readers and the intercessor to the ambo. They are also ministers of hospitality as they identify people who need communion brought to them in their pew, greet them, assist visitors and other people unfamiliar with the Cathedral. Open to teenagers and adults.
CONTACT: Erik Donner, erikdonner@hotmail.com