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hisako greg smSaint Mark’s is blessed with a community that possesses many skills, talents and interests. As volunteer lay ministers we are central to the mission of the church and the Saint Mark’s community. Any time a person puts a skill, talent or interest in the service of God, they are exercising a spiritual gift. As unique members of the Body of Christ each person has their own spiritual gift mix, and has a particular function to perform. As we seek and discover our gifts, and minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ, we receive God’s grace and love.

Our gifts have the greatest effect if the type of work we are doing is something we are passionate about. The joy and passion you feel for your Ministry will remain with you for a lifetime. The sharing of these gifts enables us, as one body, to minister to ourselves, our community and our world. You are needed, wanted and gifted to give of your time and talent.

How do I start volunteering?

1. Contact the ministry coordinators for groups you are interested in joining. View the current Ministry Directory (pdf) or browse the website.

2. Look through the list below to find groups who need volunteers. We have short term and long term volunteer opportunities for all ages.

3. Contact a member of the clergy for help in discovering where your interests and talents lie.

Altar Guild

Do you like to throw a party? If you love to create celebrations have you considered joining the Altar Guild? Men and women of all ages are invited to become members of the Altar Guild. The work in this ministry includes preparing and helping to serve the Eucharistic banquet, or party, we celebrate at each Sunday liturgy. Our altar guild defies any stereotype and is comprised of men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Training usually happens “on the job” as you work with an experienced Altar Guild member. We particularly need new members for the 9 a.m. liturgy but are happy to welcome new members at 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. as well.

Contact: Walter Stuteville, 206.632.4258, or wstuteville@comcast.net.


Vergers serve at the 11 a.m. Sunday liturgy (and at other “occasional” liturgies such as funerals, confirmations and ordinations). The ceremonial ministry of vergers adds a certain formality and dignity to the liturgy as they escort the choir in the opening procession, escort the gospel procession and escort readers and intercessors to the ambo. At Saint Mark’s, we see vergers as ministers of hospitality as well. Our vergers identify people who need communion brought to them in their pew, and greet and assist visitors and other people unfamiliar with the Cathedral.

Contact: Erik Donner, erikdonner@hotmail.com

Noel House Shelter

Sunday through Thursday nights, women volunteers from the cathedral provide evening snacks, breakfast and conversation, working from 6-7 am OR 9:15-10:15 pm.

Every Sunday through Thursday evening, we offer a healthy snack and a mat to sleep on. Each Monday through Friday morning, we offer a simple breakfast before the women return to the downtown streets. Volunteering together builds our life commitments in service to others and our cherished memories to carry forward in years to come. If you would like to spend a few hours a month providing hospitality to the women, we have openings throughout the summer for evening and morning shifts. Call or write for further information or to sign up for training and working.

Contact: Norva Osborn, noelhouse@saintmarks.org

Sanctuary at Saint Mark’s

The Sanctuary Hub ministry at St. Mark’s works to stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors during fraught times and to develop deep, ongoing relationship as part of our common life. Volunteers can be trained for Action Response to situations and needs in the community through our relationship with Casa Latina, a leading immigrant worker rights organization in Seattle. Through Casa Latina, volunteers are trained and serving as witnesses and legal observers, accompaniers, interpreters, peacemakers, and more. And here at Saint Mark’s Safe Space, we have a gathering place for building relationship and a harbor in times of trouble, with myriad volunteer jobs that need YOU! We stand as Sanctuary because we are all God’s beloved. You are welcome to join us.

Contact: sanctuary@saintmarks.org

Sound Board Operator

Volunteers are needed to run our sound system on Sundays. A basic understanding of our liturgy and acoustics would be helpful (but not required) and training will be provided.

Contact:  Chris McPeak, cmcpeak@saintmarks.org

Newcomer Ministry

Help Saint Mark’s practice ‘Radical Hospitality’ by joining with the Newcomer Ministry. Newcomers are important to us. There are many small ways you can use your talents to help welcome them to Saint Marks.

Contact:  Deacon Earl Grout, egrout@saintmarks.org and 206-518-2833

Greeters for Compline

Greeters from the Saint Mark’s community are needed to welcome people to Compline services on Sunday evenings. Compline is the first entry for many members of our community! An ideal opportunity for couples to serve together!

Contact: Ray Miller, ray_steve_1234@q.com

Sunday Morning Greeters

Greeters are needed, especially for the 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. services. Greeters welcome people to Saint Mark’s services and provide information to newcomers. They are asked to serve once a month for about 30 minutes.

Contact: John Selberg, 206.723.5315, JASelberg@aol.com