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Fall Cathedral Commons

Join us on Wednesday evenings for food, fellowship, and faith formation. This family-friendly weekly offering is designed to make space for community gathering and spiritual growth during the week. There are opportunities for children, youth and adults.

6-7 p.m.  Catered dinner in Bloedel Hall (Adults $7, Children $5, Max Family $20)
7 p.m.  Adult Faith Formation Opportunity (In Bloedel Hall unless otherwise noted)

Video and resources from past forums are available on the Cathedral Commons – Video & Resources page.


October 4
Preview of Listening for Life Series, with Canon Jennifer Daugherty and The Rev. Nancy Ross

How do we know our calling in life? How do we find meaning in times of change and growth and even difficulty? These questions are at the heart of our spiritual journey and relate to our core identity. Life is always in flux – how do we discern God’s call in the midst of it? Come get a taste of practices for discerning God’s presence and call in our individual lives, ways to listen and notice where the Spirit is beckoning. All are welcome.
To explore more deeply, register for the four-week workshop series of Listening for Life.

October 11 & 18
The Wisdom of Attachment, with Marilyn Redlich
Learn about attachment in human relationships, and how this knowledge can help you form healthy relationships. In the late 80s, three therapists/researchers from Spokane-Cooper, Hoffman and Powell­­-developed “Circle of Security,” a unique model for understanding human attachment, and for putting this understanding into practice in our lives. They collected and synthesized attachment theory and research since the 1940s to devise their unique and remarkably clear model of attachment that has become a world-renowned program. Marilyn Redlich is a registered Circle of Security facilitator and brings this powerful program to Saint Mark’s, for anyone who wants to know themselves better and have tools for better relationships.

October 25 & November 1, 8, 15
Interpretation of Dreams as a Spiritual Exercise, with The Rev. Steve Garratt
Does the psychology of C.G. Jung have something to say to Christians? What role does the unconscious play in Christian Life? Can listening to our dreams help us to realize Jesus’ words? We’ll explore these questions and more in a four-week series on the relationship Jung might play in the Christian faith journey, including the role of dreams in the Bible. Particular attention will be given to the works of Morton Kelsey, John Sanford, and Ann Ulanov. Participants are encouraged to read John Sanford’s book, The Kingdom Within: The Inner Meaning of Jesus’ Sayings, available in the Cathedral Shop.

November 29
The Music of Advent
Canon Musician Michael Kleinschmidt leads an exploration of the hymns and carols of Advent. How are the season’s prevailing themes of expectation and longing expressed in the poetry and music we sing on the four Sundays in Advent?

December 6, 13
The Prophetic Imagination: Poetic Guidance for the 21st Century, with Dean Steve Thomason
Prophets find their voices in the crucible of chaos—they did in biblical times; they do today. The prophetic voice offers clarity to the confusion of an imbalanced world for those who will listen. Because prophets speak poetically—that is, in language that finds translation across time and space—their words still speak truth to us, even as they left their mortal lips long ago. The prophetic imagination of biblical proportion, therefore, persists today as a means of reframing what is at stake in our own chaotic times. In this two-part series, we will explore the nature of prophecy, its application in our own time, and we will explore a selection of prophets’ writings that offer deep hope for us today.


September 13
What It Means to Offer Quiet Welcome for Prayer, with The Rev. Susan Dean, Underhill House
Our need for silence in a noisy world is growing. To help meet this need. Underhill House, located on Capitol Hill not far from St. Mark’s, offers a quiet place for people from all walks of life to pause for prayer or meditation, or simply to come out of the noise of life and gather one’s thoughts. If guests desire, a trained listener can sit with them in a set-aside space, and then offer prayer, silently or aloud. Come be with us as we explore this emerging ministry and tiptoe into the silence with The Rev. Susan Dean, Founder and Executive Director of Underhill House.

September 20 
The Image of God in Prayer and Art, with Dr. Jim Green and The Rev. Nancy Ross
We are made in God’s image, but what does that mean? Language and images of God vary wildly, and yet affect us deeply; they both shape and express our faith. How does our personal image of God affect our prayer life and relationship with God? Come explore and share about our own images of God and where they come from, and also experience different artists’ images from different times and places. When we notice how these images make us feel and what speaks to us in our yearnings for God, we come to the question: Where do you see yourself in these – and your – images of God?

September 27
Introducing Casa Latina, St. Mark’s Sanctuary Partner, with The Rev. Pete Strimer and Casa Latina [VIDEO HERE]
Come meet and welcome the people of Casa Latina, our Sanctuary Rapid Response Coordinator and partner. Casa Latina is a center for Seattle’s Latino immigrants, providing them educational and economic opportunities, giving people the tools they need to work, live, and support their families. Learn first-hand about what they do, hear from people whose lives are intertwined with Casa Latina, and find out about this powerful new partnership for Saint Mark’s that goes beyond Sanctuary to building community together.