Baptism & Confirmation




What is the Difference?

Baptism is a rite of belonging in which we enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church. Confirmation is how we make a mature affirmation of the commitment made at our baptism to be part of the Church. For those who have been confirmed in other denominations,reception is the mark of one’s desire to be part of the Episcopal Church.

At Saint Mark’s, we baptize people of all ages, offering classes to meet the varying needs of those seeking the rite. We understand baptism, along with the eucharist, to be one of the two major sacraments—that is, ritual actions that convey God’s grace in a special and powerful way.

When Do Baptisms Happen?

Baptisms in the Episcopal Church occur on or near four feast days with a particular association with baptism: All Saints Sunday in November, the Baptism of Jesus in January, Easter Vigil (on Easter Eve) in the spring, and Pentecost Sunday in late spring/early summer.

2018 Baptism Dates

The First Sunday after the Epiphany: The Baptism of Our Lord – January 7, 2018
The Easter Vigil – March 31, 2018
The Day of Pentecost – May 20, 2018
All Saints’ Sunday – November 4, 2018

Adult Baptism

A series of inquirer’s and confirmation classes, usually beginning at the start of Lent serves two purposes: It acquaints the participants with information about the Episcopal Church and about what it means to live a Christian life and to know Christ. It also prepares individuals for Baptism and Confirmation, or Reception into the Episcopal Church. Confirmations and receptions happen at the Easter Vigil when the bishop is with us. Baptisms can happen at the Vigil or on any of the other three baptismal days.


The Rev. Cristi Chapman
206.323.0300, ext. 203

Preparing for Youth Confirmation

Confirmation is about making a mature decision to be a part of a community and the desire to have a deeper relationship with God. There is no “right age”. If you believe this is something you would like to do, then let’s begin the conversation.

Wondering if you are ready? Then begin having that conversation with your parents. Ask about your baptism. Pick up the Book of Common Prayer look at the service for Baptism, Confirmation and the Baptismal Covenant. We will begin with a information meeting in December for all interested and their parents. The classes will run on Sunday evenings beginning in January.



Community Confirmation Project for Episcopal Youth
Information Meeting- Sunday, Dec. 7, 6 – 7 pm.

For additional information contact: The Rev. Jennifer King Daugherty, 206.323.0300 x 202