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Painting of the West Wall of the Cathedral

The Cathedral hosts exhibitions of photography, painting and multi-media works tied to the mission of the church displayed in the awe-inspiring ArtSpace at Saint Mark’s.

The Nave (main worship space) of Saint Mark's Cathedral is open to the public from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. unless a private service is occurring. Please respect those who have come to pray or meditate by remaining quiet within the space. Thank you!

If you are an artist interested in displaying work relevant to the mission of Saint Mark's Cathedral, please send your name, contact information and a brief description to Nan Nalder at

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War on Walls: Egypt’s Arab Spring Street Art

Opening reception with artist: Genevieve Hathaway: Sunday, January 11, 12: 30 pm, Coffee corner of the nave

Exhibit: Sunday, January 11 - Sunday, November 23, Coffee corner of the nave

The Visual Arts Ministry of Arts at Saint Mark’s and the Mideast Focus Ministry present the work of Genevieve Hathaway. Hathaway lived on Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring. Street art became a defining feature of the revolution Egyptian revolution, raising awareness of political and economic issues, pressuring the regime and governing bodies for change, injecting dark humor into turbulent times, and providing a visual memory of important events and individuals. This exhibition tells the story through some of the most beautiful, expressive, and iconic wall images ever created.

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