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Painting of the West Wall of the Cathedral

The Cathedral hosts exhibitions of photography, painting and multi-media works tied to the mission of the church displayed in the awe-inspiring ArtSpace at Saint Mark’s.

The Nave (main worship space) of Saint Mark's Cathedral is open to the public from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. unless a private service is occurring. Please respect those who have come to pray or meditate by remaining quiet within the space. Thank you!

If you are an artist interested in displaying work relevant to the mission of Saint Mark's Cathedral, please send your name, contact information and a brief description to Nan Nalder at

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The Visual Arts Ministry Activities in April 12 - May 24, 2015

The Arts at Saint Mark's, Visual Arts Ministry working with the Diocese and Cathedral Staff, will host two exhibits and participate in two activities during April 12 - May 24, 2015, at Saint Mark's Cathedral:

  • April 12 - May 24 - "Communing With The Holy" in SE & NE corners of Nave
  • April 12 - 26 - "Healing a Hurting World": ERD 75th Anniversary Celebration in SW corner of Nave
  • April 18 - Cathedral Day: Art Project in SE corner of Nave
  • April 26 - "Celebration of Saint Mark the Evangelist - Our Patron Saint" in Bloedel Auditorium

The Visual Arts Ministry will host an opening reception on April 12th celebrating the two exhibits: "Communing With The Holy" and "Healing a Hurting World" in the Nave beginning at approx. 12:15 PM following the 11 o'clock Eucharist.

Members of the Visual Arts Ministry and ERD will work together with youth during Cathedral Day to encourage youth to engage with the ERD photo exhibit and sketch from the photos. Sketches will be shared and youth encouraged to ask questions about the ERD exhibit during early afternoon on April 18th.

Members of the Visual Arts Ministry will assist Cathedral Staff in the "Celebration of Saint Mark the Evangelist - Our Patron Saint"


"Communing With The Holy" - April 12 - May 24

This multi-media exhibition presents works by visual artists across the Diocese. Requests for participation in the exhibit were posted on the Cathedral and Diocese websites and many were sent out to individual artists in March. Works in this exhibit will include paintings, photography, sculpture, fabric art and Vestments.

Vestments, including stoles and chasubles, will be loaned by participating churches.

Works submitted by individual artists convey the message of: being in communion with holy places, holy spaces; and/or works influenced by the spirit within. These works may be for sale with 20% of the proceeds going to support the Visual Arts Ministry. Contact: Nan Nalder -


Photos from the opening reception of Communing With the Holy can be found here or on Facebook.


"Healing a Hurting World" - ERD - 75th Anniversary Celebration - April 12 – 26

One of the cornerstones of the Episcopal Relief & Development [ERD] 75th Anniversary is a touring exhibition comprised of 22 panels sharing ERD's story. This beautiful presentation leads the viewer through a meaningful, intimate exploration of ERD's history and core program areas.

Information on the panels was collected from five continents and include iconic photos and stories representing ERD's programs around the world. The purpose of the exhibit is to raise ERD's visibility and provide a platform for Anniversary events.

It takes all hands to heal a hurting world. ERD's goal in their 75th Anniversary Campaign is to raise $7.5 million to strengthen communities around the globe, through programs that promote health, alleviate hunger and create economic opportunities. Contacts: Saint Mark's - Nan Nalder -; ERD - Diocese of Olympia - Chuck Hamilton - .

ERD will also host a reception and program at the Cathedral on April 18, 2015 beginning at 5:30 PM and closing at 7 PM; light refreshments will be served. A short program will begin at 6:15 PM. Contact: ERD - Diocese of Olympia - Chuck Hamilton - .


Cathedral Day - April 18, 2015

Cathedral Day, Saturday, April 18, 2015, is a Diocesan-Wide Celebration beginning at 10:30 AM with the Bishop Greg Rickel confirming and receiving people into the Episcopal Church. Following this service, artist members of the Visual Arts Ministry will work with participants in Cathedral Day - all ages invited. Two options include:

  • Tour of the ERD Exhibit. Participants will be invited to select a photo and sketch an image. Pens, pencils, crayons, and paper will be provided. Brushes will also be available as some of the pencils and crayons are water-soluble and VAM artists will share how to enhance drawings by using a brush to move color around the page with the result looking like a watercolor. Sketches will be shared and questions encouraged about ERD's program. Participants in the art project may elect to give works to ERD. Contact: Nan Nalder - .

  • Guided Tour of the Greenbelt. The Saint Mark's Cathedral Greenbelt has been undergoing its own transformation since the early 1990’s as a dedicated cadre of parishioners and community members have removed invasive plants and replaced them with their native counterparts. The greenbelt is finally growing into its own native sanctuary in the midst of the fast-growing City of Seattle. Participants are invited to learn about the greenbelt area surrounding the south and west behind the Cathedral and Nicholas buildings. Depending on weather, participants may sketch impressions of the greenbelt. Contact: Robert Hayden - .


"Celebration of Saint Mark the Evangelist - Our Patron Saint" - April 26

An exhibit of works celebrating Saint Mark will be shared with participants of events on April 26th in Bloedel Auditorium. Pieces for this exhibit will be gathered from the Cathedral and Diocese House, including: the Gertrude Muller Nelson banner; wooden carving; needlepoint banner; stained glass windows from the first Saint Mark's; and the silver trowel used to lay the Cathedral cornerstone. The celebration begins with a pancake breakfast at 10:10. Saint Mark will time travel and greet people after services of Holy Eucharist and during the pancake breakfast. A special cake will be shared following the 11 AM Eucharist and a guided tour of the Cathedral will be offered following the 11 AM Eucharist. Saint Mark's notecards and icons will be available for sale at the Cathedral Shop. Contact: The Rev. Nancee Martin - .


"Intuition, Intention, and the Mystical" - May 31 - July 5

This exhibit presents work by four women artists: Michelle Friars, Beth Kehoe, Christine Schott, and Marina Montes. They are students in the Kang-O'Higgins Atelier, Gage Academy of Art. An Opening Reception will be held on May 31 at approx 12:15 PM following the 11 AM Eucharist at Saint Mark's Cathedral. Additional information will be posted on the Saint Mark's website - Arts at Saint Mark's, Visual Arts Ministry.


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