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An Octave of Prayer for Peace

Daily, Sunday, August 24 - Sunday, August 31, 12:30-12:50 pm Thomsen Chapel

As the world's burden of bad news, tragic loss, wars, and fractured unrest seems to have surged in recent weeks, our hearts ache for peace and meaning in such difficult times. Saint Mark's Cathedral stands as a beacon of hope, and we are called to pray for justice and peace for all people. We invite you to join us, with special intention, on these last eight days of August, to pray for peace in our world.

The design for these brief prayers services is simple, with space for silent contemplation, bookended by opening and closing prayers that collect our concerns up while commending those for whom we pray to God. There will be an opportunity for people to write their concerns down, to say them aloud, or to hold them quietly within their hearts.

A special station for writing down prayers will be set up near the baptismal within the main worship space of the Cathedral. This will be available to all whenever the Cathedral is open (8 am - 7 pm). Each day these prayers will be incorporated into the service. 

An octave of prayer finds roots in ancient times, holding the space for each day of the week in its distinctive quality while also turning into the new week with new insights for life going forward. All are welcome to attend, and each day of prayer stands on its own.




Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (January 2016)

January 10-22, 2016

In his Pastoral Letter this week, Dean Thomason announced he would be leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in January 2016: "Our Christian tradition holds dear the practice of making pilgrimages as holy experiences of learning, conversion and transformation, and none is more significant than walking the ways of Jesus."

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